Protect Ghent update 05.22.202

Andrew Davis – Art Omi 05.21.2012

We had over 130 people come out last night to hear our guest speaker, Andrew Davis, of the New York State Public Service Commission!  Thanks to everyone for braving the rain to attend the meeting, and for contributing such thoughtful and important questions and comments.

Very shortly, we will be uploading last night’s slide show presentation to our site and FB page, as well as photographs from the meeting, in case you missed it.  Mr. Davis very generously gave us permission to post his email address (, so feel free to drop him a line to ask a follow up question or simply to thank him for coming out to speak to us.

One positive takeaway from the meeting is that it is clear the PSC staff plans to review NYSEG’s proposal thoroughly, and take our concerns into serious consideration.  We all learned a great deal about the Article VII process, and we hope that now more than ever we are determined to come together as a community to fight this high voltage line.

Once NYSEG files its application (which they intend to do this Friday, but might happen a few days later), we will post the information to the site and FB page, and schedule another community meeting to review the application, answer questions and organize our volunteer efforts.  As we said last night, it will take the involvement of the entire community to defeat NYSEG’s application.  There will be a role for each and every one of us, and based on the energy in the room last night, it is clear that this town is prepared to take on this fight and protect our community.

As Mr. Davis mentioned at the meeting, any individual resident of an affected township (in this case, Ghent, Stockport and Chatham) can file to become an intervenor (direct party to the case)  in this process.  At our next meeting, we will make available a form to file for intervenor status, and will handle the filing for you.

To view the slide presentation Mr Davis made at Art Omi on 05.21.2012 click here.

If you have any questions, concerns or ideas, please email us at

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