Protect Ghent brings in expert to explain NYSEG application process

By Trevor Alford
Hudson-Catskill Newspapers

Wednesday, May 23, 2012 2:08 AM EDT

The advocacy group Protect Ghent, which opposes the proposed New York State Electric and Gas high voltage transmission line through Columbia County, brought an expert in to explain the application process NYSEG will have to go through before it can build its line. Andrew Davis of the New York State Public Service Commission spoke with residents about what they could do to be involved in the eventual decision.

On Monday night, Davis explained to residents the Article VII proceedings NYSEG will have to go through in order to build its proposed 115-kilovolt line through the towns of Ghent, Chatham and Stockport. The project includes 11.1 miles of lines, according to a public notice that was published in the Register-Star.

The notice stated that NYSEG’s line is needed to enhance the reliability of the local electrical read more

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