Today some property owners received a mailed notice from NYSEG showing the proposed route. This route is now reflected in our google map. Please note that due to the poor quality of the printed NYSEG map it is difficult to overlay accurately on google maps. [This map has been updated on 05.30.2012 from higher resolution prints and is now more accurate and shows the alternative proposals.]

on google

3 thoughts on “*NYSEG PROPOSED ROUTE*

    • Katherine
      The Town of Ghent proposed the route designated by the red line. I don’t know that the Town thinks the line is any better. What it is, is shorter. The Public Service Commission has jurisdiction (Article VII) of a 115kV line only if it exceeds 10 miles otherwise the Town has jurisdiction (Part 102). My understanding of the towns proposal is that it shows that the zig-zaggy east-west run could be done in under 10 miles and therefore the Town should be the lead agency.

  1. We defeated the power lines coming across from the Midwest to VA Beach. When or if you want to call me I will tell you what our 2 attorneys did. We all were very organized and it was a slam dunk , nothing hard to do. We were upset landowners , farmers. 1990-92 , resulting in the Energy Star on appliance boxes, 17 years later they still are trying. You can do this. The State Corp. Commission listened to us attentively in one hearing and said we were right. Therefore, promotion of CFL ‘s and Energy Star rating ! You CAN do this !
    L.Ann Wilder

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