The Public Statement Hearing Friday evening was AMAZING!

The Public Statement Hearing Friday evening was AMAZING!  According to the PSC staff, we had 175 people in attendance, and 43 people spoke. Thank you so much to everyone who attended.

The comments and stories from this community were heartfelt, inspiring and unbelievably moving.  Our community truly came together Friday to present a wonderful portrait of what our people are made of, why our town is a special place, and how WRONG a power line is for our area.

You can read a good report about just a few of the statements at The Register Star.

The full transcript will be posted by the PSC soon and we’ll post the link when it is up.

Chris Bishop recorded the hearing and has made available individual audio statements for you to listen to.

As we know, this is going to be a long battle, with the current schedule for the proceedings extending until May, 2014.  But if we keep up our momentum, we can win!

HERE’S WHAT YOU CAN DO NOW: We have a goal for July. We would like to get at least 200 emails and/or letters sent to the PSC by our residents by July 31st.  Please send an email or letter to the addresses below, and (for email) cc us, and (for letters), just let us know you’ve sent it, so we can keep count.  We’ll keep everyone updated on our numbers.  WE CAN REACH 200.

As we saw last night, everyone has something valuable to add to this discussion, and the only way to make every point is for everyone to say their piece.  So write that email or letter and make it personal!

Tell your story, your family’s history, the history of your land and house, tell why you’re opposed to the line, send PICTURES and VIDEO of your land, of your view, of your family.  Last night demonstrated that these things really matter.  The Judge wants to know.  She wants our input and she wants to know about our community.

On your emails/letters, be sure to refer to “Case 12-T-0248 – Application of NYSEG for a Certificate of Environmental Compatibility and Public Need for the Construction of the Columbia County Transmission Project”

PSC email:

Snail mail:
Hon. Jeffrey C. Cohen
Acting Secretary
Public Service Commission
Three Empire State Plaza
Albany, NY 12223-1350

And please forward this along to your friends and neighbors.  They can join our email list.

Thank you all & congratulations on a wonderful Public Statement Hearing!!!

Koethi Zan

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