Dorothy White Fahs & Family write to their representatives and the PSC

7-11-2013 11-45-46 AM6/25/2013

In regards to NYSEG and the White Family Farm: The White Family Farm located at 349 Old Post Road in West Ghent has been in the family for over 100 years. Some members of the family were born on the farm. It was purchased around 1922. At the time of the purchase the house and bam were already on the property dating back to the 1800’s. These are historic buildings. The land was wooded and cleared by hand in order to make it into a working dairy farm. This took years to accomplish. The property line extends across two roads – Rt. 9H and Old Post Road. At the time the land was purchased Rt.9H didn’t exist. The property located to the west side of Rt. 9H is a flat piece of land that has been used for hay and other crops for years to feed the dairy cows.- Recently arrangements have been made for Angus breeding cattle to be raised on the property . The land on the west side of Rt. 9H that is the needed hay lot is what will be disrupted by NYSEG. NYSEG wants to place a substation on this already cleared flat lot which is farmland. This is convenient for them but not for the family farm or abundant wildlife in the area that has used the farm as a refuge from all of the construction and destruction of woodland; fields; and farms along Rt. 9H in the name of progress. Family farms are as threatened as wildlife and becoming extinct. All of the farms along Rt. 9H have been replaced with businesses and industries some with no regard to the safety of people or the land. Example – what was learned from the TCI fire. If NYSEG wants land they can purchase what is for sale and no longer wanted along Rt. 9H. The White family is not interested in this project. The farm is not for sale and is to remain a family farm.

Dorothy White Fahs & Family
60 Lower Post Road
Ghent, New York 12075

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