Ghent backs mass events, questions high voltage

The Columbia Paper
Monday, 26 August 2013 14:52

GHENT–The Town Board adopted Local Law #1 earlier this month, a mass-gathering ordinance that will allow certain types of large scale events to be held in the town if they adhere to new regulations and restrictions. The board also increased penalties for violating the town code.

The other major topic addressed at the monthly meeting August 15 was the proposal by New York State Electric and Gas Corporation (NYSEG) to construct a high voltage power transmission line through the middle of the town. But local officials and opponents of the NYSEG proposal believe they have a better plan and they are taking steps to be sure state decision makers consider Ghent’s alternative.

Low voltage vs. high
NYSEG currently has an application before the state Public Service Commission seeking approval for an 11.1-mile line to connect its local cables to a nearby line owned by National Grid. NYSEG has said the project is necessary to create a backup source of power for parts of the county served by a NYSEG line further south between Churchtown and Craryville.

Town residents and officials have made clear their opposition to the project, expressing concern over the impacts the proposed 115-kv line could have on the town’s environment, landscape, agriculture and tourism. The line’s proposed route runs through residential properties, farms and Art Omi, where large outdoor artworks are displayed for public viewing.

After the project was first proposed…read more

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