Power Line Hearings Update 10.03.2013

On Sept. 3rd and 4th, site visits were conducted of the area where the proposed line would be placed.  Present were:  Judge Eleanor Stein, representatives from the PSC, DEC, Ag & Markets, NYSEG, Protect Ghent, and several individuals from the community.  We were on a tour bus that followed the length of the line and made over 20 stops on individual properties to observe the proposed positioning of the line.  Thank you to everyone who came on the tour, made their properties available, and/or met up with the tour on their properties to show us around.  Once again, it was inspiring to see our community coming together over this issue and to see the beauty of our rural landscape.

The initial evidentiary hearings for the Article VII proceeding were Sept 17, 18 and 24th. These initial hearings were the parties’ opportunity to cross-examine NYSEG on their application.  Koethi Zan was present on behalf of Protect Ghent.  Bill Hurst (lawyer for Protect Ghent), DEC lawyers, PSC lawyers, Ag & Markets lawyers, Mark Greenberg (Town of Ghent’s lawyer) and Benjy Swett (individually) all cross-examined the various witnesses, who were the employees or consultants hired by NYSEG to prepare the various parts of the Article VII application.  They were cross-examined on:  agricultural, cost, engineering, historical resources, and routing issues. There is one witness left to examine – on their visual impact study – which will take place at a hearing on October 17th.

The full hearing schedule is here.  The next scheduled dates are for the proposal of alternatives, and then in January we will have will an opportunity to present our “direct case” – where we demonstrate the adverse impacts to our community (and bring in our consultants and their reports).

The transcripts for the Sept. 17th & 18th hearings are here and here. We will post the rest of the transcripts as they become available.  And you can always see the complete case file here.

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