Protect Ghent update 06.26.2014

6-26-2014 3-23-11 PM

We have created an interactive Google map to show the proposed 34.5 kv lines of the low voltage alternative, based on data received from NYSEG.

A few notes on the map:
This proposed line would be built in stages. The first stage will be based on current need. Future lines will be built if and only if the load increases and the need arises. Much of the low voltage line consists of improvements to existing distribution lines, rather than new lines. Most of the time, those current lines would be rebuilt with taller poles in the same locations. (For a good example of what a rebuild looks like, you can drive down Leggett Road, where they have recently replaced many of the poles but have not yet removed the original poles.)

Therefore, with our map, you can add layers based on which of the proposed low voltage lines you’d like to see. The box in the upper left hand corner of the map allows you to select to see “Current Need – New Lines,” “Current Need – Existing Lines,” “Future Need – New Lines,” and/or “Future Need – Existing Lines.” You can see all categories, a single category, or multiple categories at once. You can type your address into the space to the right of the box to find your property. You can click on a line to see its attributes. You can also switch the map to “street map” or “satellite” view (with the satellite view you will be able to see that even some of the lines designated as “new” by NYSEG appear to run along existing lines).

If these proposed lines cross (or are close to) your property, you will be receiving a notice from NYSEG shortly about open houses to be held in the month of July. We will be there to answer any questions, but you can also email us in the meantime.

As we’ve said before, we fully support this low voltage alternative, and believe this proposed line will have the least impact of any alternative. From the beginning the Town of Ghent has proposed a low voltage solution, and we join them in believing that’s the best alternative for our community. Because this would be a low voltage line, running along roads, with much shorter poles than a high voltage line, these proposed lines would fit in with the existing energy grid and look normal for the area.

Also, importantly, an improved 34.5 kv line running along roads will not serve as the basis for turning our area into a utility corridor for future high voltage lines. As we’ve seen in the AC fight, once there’s a high voltage line in an area, utility companies tend to want to build more lines on that existing right of way.

Another very important thing to remember is that DPS has informed us that our current 34.5 kv distribution system needs these improvements anyway. So either these changes, or something very like them, would have to be done at some point ANYWAY, high voltage line or not.

Please email us at with any questions.

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