Settlement Negotiations Update


Settlement Negotiations Update

We are pleased to announce that settlement negotiations for the Columbia County Transmission Project have made excellent progress.  The parties participating in the negotiations have consented to waive the confidentiality provision of 16 NYCRR §3.9(d) in order to inform you that the negotiations are now focused on a “reduced scope” 34.5 kV low voltage line (“Reduced Scope Line”).  While we expect the settlement negotiations, NYSEG’s design phase, and the applicable governmental approval processes to continue over the next several months, the participating parties wish to inform the public about the current route under discussion.

The Reduced Scope Line (see includes only Feeder 1 and Feeder 2, excluding Segment E thereof. In other words, Feeders 3 and 4, and all parts of Feeder 2 east of the intersection of George Road and Route 66, have been removed from the current proposal.

The participating parties have devoted time, hard work, and attention to this process and look forward to making continued progress.

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