about Protect Ghent

Protect Ghent is a group of local residents opposed to a high voltage transmission line that NYSEG would like to run through our town. Protect Ghent advocates for viable alternatives to high voltage power lines: i.e., the enhancement of existing infrastructure, which would minimize new easements on private land, and low voltage transmission lines, which run on normal height poles.

For background on the power line read this post.

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2 thoughts on “about Protect Ghent

  1. Hey, this is confusing. I’m perfectly willing to kick in thousands of dollars to fight this on a group basis, but there doesn’t seem to be a way to do that.

    Organization, presence, and money, is the only way to do this.

    The lady that took my name and number on the tour today, which our local local group confronted on the bus today, contact me now. Thanks. Time is of the essence, as the lawyers say. Basically, we need enough funds to get an anti-eminent-domain lawyer. Heck, I’ll pay for half of it myself.

  2. Best wishes as you battle the NYSEG overhead line. See Responsible Electricity Transmission for Albertans at http://www.RETA.ca for research on the many negative impacts of overhead high voltage power lines & the many benefits of burying them.

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