Stories that made the news, June 21 to 24, 2012:

WGXC Newsroom
June 25, 2012
Lynn Sloneker

Protect Ghent, the organization fighting the New York State Electric & Gas plan to install an 11-mile high-voltage overhead powerline near or through Ghent and Chatham, reported Sat., June 23, the Public Service Commission has notified NYSEG of several deficiencies in the application submitted for the Columbia County Transmission Project. The deficiencies must be corrected… read more

Power line route roils Ghent

Thursday, 07 June 2012 14:06

NYSEG files plan that cuts through town

GHENT–Anyone driving along County Route 22 here can’t help but notice the bright yellow signs posted in front of two dozen properties along the road.

“Stop the Power Lines!” they shout out to passersby.

The placards are the most visible evidence of a grassroots movement aiming to prevent an 11-mile high-voltage overhead power line from disrupting the environment and landscape of the community. Protect Ghent is a group of more than a hundred local residents and business owners who are taking on New York State Electric & Gas, a subsidiary of multi-billion dollar Spanish company Iberdrola. NYSEG supplies much of the power in northern and eastern Columbia County.

Despite the David vs. Goliath scenario, the group believes they have a chance to win the battle. Protect Ghent Executive Director Koethi Zan said more than 150 people showed up for the organization’s second meeting, which filled the Art Omi Visitors Center on a rainy Monday night in late May.

“It was encouraging,” said Ms. Zan. read more

Protect Ghent brings in expert to explain NYSEG application process

By Trevor Alford
Hudson-Catskill Newspapers

Wednesday, May 23, 2012 2:08 AM EDT

The advocacy group Protect Ghent, which opposes the proposed New York State Electric and Gas high voltage transmission line through Columbia County, brought an expert in to explain the application process NYSEG will have to go through before it can build its line. Andrew Davis of the New York State Public Service Commission spoke with residents about what they could do to be involved in the eventual decision.

On Monday night, Davis explained to residents the Article VII proceedings NYSEG will have to go through in order to build its proposed 115-kilovolt line through the towns of Ghent, Chatham and Stockport. The project includes 11.1 miles of lines, according to a public notice that was published in the Register-Star.

The notice stated that NYSEG’s line is needed to enhance the reliability of the local electrical read more

You can win


“You can win,” Zan told those gathered Monday. “You can’t win if we all do nothing and we all feel like we can’t get it done, but people who have gotten it done have done two things:” hire experts to make the best case for their cause and keep up with community involvement.” 

Town in dark over power line plan

Town in dark over power line plan

Officials don’t know what route proposed NYSEG line through West Ghent will take
The Register Star
By Trevor Alford
Hudson-Catskill Newspapers

Published: Wednesday, April 25, 2012 2:08 AM EDT

GHENT — Despite attempts to open a dialogue between the town of Ghent and New York State Electric and Gas, no new information has been brought to light about the proposed power line through West Ghent.

At its April 19 meeting, the Ghent Town Board said the details of the NYSEG power line are still up in the air. Members are concerned because NYSEG representatives haven’t responded to questions they’ve been asking.

NYSEG hasn’t yet filed with the Public Service Commission to officially start the process of a review for the new power line. The Town Board doesn’t yet know what path the 115-kilovolt line would take, but members have seen three different options.

“Until they file, our hands are tied,” said Supervisor Larry Andrews.

This power line would provide additional power to properties to the north and east of Ghent. It will also provide read more



“Finally, I am sure that NYSEG is aware of the proposal made by Governor Cuomo for utility companies to investigate ways to upgrade their current systems, which is preferable to constructing new powerlines.”

Ted Guterman to John Draghi (attorney for NYSEG)

Residents ready legal fight for power line changes

The Columbia Paper
Thursday, 15 March 2012 13:36

GHENT–Concerned town residents are gathering forces to challenge a potential new high voltage power line in their community.

“We have a beautiful community filled with wonderful resources–farms, pastures, wetlands, Art Omi and more–that a high voltage power line would have a terrible impact on,” said Koethi Zan, a member of the steering committee of a group called Protect Ghent.

Although a formal application for the power line is not expected until sometime in April, preliminary meetings between Binghamton-based utility NYSEG and the Town of Ghent indicate the 10.6 mile 115-kilovolt (kV) transmission line will run across property owned by Omi International Arts Center, near The Fields Sculpture Park, as well as through several working farms, land designated for conservation, a historic graveyard and dozens of pieces of personal property.

“We think they have an alternative,” said Rose Vining, Art Omi Facilities Director….read more